Back from the Wilderness

By Ebohon O. Idonije

The answer to your questions come via various channels within your environment so pay close attention. In order to hear you’ll have to work on your listening skills, be mindful of your feelings and heart, appreciate the people around you and show affection towards animals. The objective is to be more aware and prevent yourself from becoming close minded, the world is vast and so are you. Your are an integral part of nature not a separate entity. 

Mistakes are normal and are necessary before growth can occur, no one is perfect. In fact the idea of perfection is an illusion, one which can hinder your self awareness. The more you chase your ideal perfection the more problems you’ll have. All great men and women have said the same;

Those who become wise are those who have mastered the ability of learning from their mistakes. What makes you an intelligent being is the fact that you are able to learn and improve yourself and be open to new ideas.

You must put your wants aside in order to move forward. Your old ways of existing must be left behind so a new path can be paved. Nothing will change until you realize your worth and you follow your realization. The solution is right in front of you, your own reflection, your own heart. 

Embrace your essence and allow it to find peace within, because you can not force growth. Find comfort in this message passed onto me by my dear friend; first I died and was reborn, against all odds I rooted my foundation in darkness, overcoming all obstacles as I burst out gracefully into the light, now knowing the troubles and the best of both worlds. 

My message to you is to neither be locked up in darkness nor be blinded by light but rather learn from the journey and see the opportunity in both, your life is a gift. Consider yourself extremely fortunate when you experience love. When you are in harmony with your world you will experience constant celebrations. Again you can neither be of darkness or light, see the wisdom from both sides, how they connect and allow your realization to be your guide, gain wisdom from both worlds.

Dare take a leap of faith? Who can tell you what you can and can not become? What you are or aren’t? Take a look within and you’ll be sure to find the answer.

For this week recite each morning your intent when you wake up, for there is power in your voice. My want is to live free and to live well, my need is to be more of me! My desire is to always have the power to reflect before I respond and to see things as they really are.

Love and peace upon you and your family. Live free, live well.

By Marty Finney

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