Blueprint pt.2

18 days ago Life Wisdom, Poetry, WritersYep16

By Ebohon Idonije.

Become wiser and realize that we live in a world that takes advantage its kind so learn to direct your life, occupy your driver’s seat. With patience,dedication,determination, and of course a clear vision, you have the power to produce your own reality.

In times of negativity I choose to rely on being positive because the more of myself I give, the more of myself I experience, and the more impact I have on my own life.

There are many paths leading back to your home. Rather than believe in just one to get you to your desired destination realize and understand that there are a lot of different paths that can be taken. This realization begins with you, never stop growing and challenging yourself.

Rather than believe that a specific person holds the key that will open your door, believe in the beauty of life found in others. Know that the sole purpose of life is to truly connect with each other. Through these connections, we receive and give vital information that enables our growth, and teaches us to sift through information. Do not be afraid of change, instead embrace and adapt and develop your talents, develop you!

As beautiful, fragile, and tender as the ocean is, remember that she is fierce, powerful and will take you away from shore if you stop paying attention. The same goes for your life, you have to be aware, you have to think before you leap, think before you decide and take time to organize your affairs.

For this week, as always the focus is you! Day in, day out.  Look at yourself in the mirror and accept who you really are, embrace yourself. You can only give as much you are.  Live free, live well.

By Paula May