By Ebohon Idonije.

A  good seed sowed on fertile ground produces tasty fruits and so will encouraging good thoughts within your mind to create a healthy state of being. Put in the work now and be certain of your reward later.

It is your responsibility to tell your story. Be confident in yourself and put in the work. As the body evolves, so does your mind, never stop encouraging growth. Your light will shine through when your body and your soul unite in harmony.

Are you aware of the immense distance we travel very day just to make ends meet?  You must believe that the solution to our inner self is out there. A message to you on this beautiful day, be careful where you place your belief because investing such energy on anything outside of yourself is to give your power away.

How deep are you willing to travel within yourself?  How far are you willing to go to better understand yourself? Will you go ten thousand miles within to meet with yourself, your blueprint? 

We are all influenced by our experience and yes I know that we all have different realities; negative and positive. But Be wise and learn to adapt to each circumstance, change is the only thing that is constant. Remember, make sound choices, live free, live well.

By Mohamed Nohassi