Forever Yours

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by Ebohon Idonije

Hand in hand we should move forward, helping each other towards our destination.  ”All of us or none of us”, this should be the motto.  Imagine living in a society were great minds nest together.

To hope or to believe all will be fine is simply not enough, you must put in the work to experience a different outcome. You are the seed that sprouts tomorrow’s flowers, so be wise. Getting to know yourself is an enterprise worth paying attention to and coming together as an intelligent race should be the point of focus.

As you may already know, building a healthy and strong family unit is vital to the manifestation of tomorrow’s paradise and our ability to see the future in the children. You have the ability to promote unity in whatever you do by sharing caring, nurturing, and loving. Free your soul, live free and live well.

You must first learn to love yourself then learn how to unlearn all your bad habits that have followed you over the years. Nothing real can be achieved in an environment that does not stand for and promote unity.

The evolution of your mind from one of fear and misunderstanding to one of love and understanding will be one of the toughest obstacles you will overcome, but the result will be mind blowing.

Love and respect for the Earth and it’s people should be the base for which all laws are created.

To those who keep their environment clean and organized, use the same concept in tidying up your minds. Like homes and their surroundings our mind can be redecorated.  There is more to life than simply focusing on material gains, rise up this day to shine, use your week to make a difference. There is a place for you in this world so focus on developing you, your talents and never stop shinning!

A letter to you from your life: I am your life, your genius comrade from your past, present, and your future. Your true friend that has come into the world not to fail but to love and care for you, trust in me and trust in you. Your future totally depend on today’s choice.

You can change your location as often as you wish but if you do not solve the riddle of your own heart, your moments of bliss will be short lived.

So precious you are to us that we have preserved your home awaiting your arrival, you are the beauty of life.  You becoming conscious is tied to you becoming happy. When you are happy the story of your life can be seen in your eyes and heard in your voice, increasing your level of vibration thereby affecting your reality, your environment.

Your body is the temple of love and your heart is a priceless. The treasures that you receive is a result of you being nature’s darling, a part of me. The more of you that you give the more of yourself you will be. Your body is a sacred place. Inside every flesh is a life yearning to experience more of itself.

Why is it so important to be close to yourself? Why is it so important for you to be of sound mind? Why is it so important to transform into a gem? As you may already know, little pieces make up the whole. Individuals make up the family and families make up communities.

As always love and appreciate yourself, your family and your community (each brick must be of sound mind for the building to withstand the test of time). See life for what it is, a gift that you can create. Remember, the more of yourself that you give(helping hand) the more of yourself you will be, have no fear, choose wisely. For chaos to disappear, loving order has to systematically appear.

Enjoy the best version of you! Have a great week!

By Markus Spiske