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By Ebohon Omoarebun Idonije

You are your imagination and the perception of yourself. When you focus your attention towards your goal you will ride through the tides of your time. Day in and out you’ll rise up to make ends meet in order to achieve your goals.

What is missing is for you to become aware of your actions, be proud of yourself and always aim to be the best version of yourself. Your physical  appearance is a representation of your state of mind.

We live on a planet with enough resources for all, it is our time to construct a solid foundation for future generations. Your happiness should stem from within your heart. Do not wait to arrive at the end before realizing that your true passion is harnessed in the essence of your youth, try and see your world through the eyes of a child. 

Life begins the moment you are able to hear, listen, and follow your own heart beat so embrace your inner glow. 

No one knows what the next moment of your life will bring, for this reason it is important to leave room in your mind for understanding. It times of difficulty be constructive with your thinking and become your strength and your wealth.  Hold on to your vision and continue to believe in yourself. At the end of the day true investment lies with your impact on the lives of others and the people you have by your side. 

Find tranquility in mother nature, learn to understand her ways and live in harmony. Allow your hands to reach out for good and your heart to shine light on the lives of others. Those close to you have the power to hinder or support your growth, so refuse to be swayed by negative influences and seek out those with good intentions. Take a leap of faith towards establishing your image nation with your imagination of yourself.  

Each of us has an inner voice and how you listen and learn from it times of crisis is important to how you get through. If you expect to receive then be willing and prepared to give. There are few who break out of their psychological and emotional entrapment and those who do will tell you how long they worked at it behind the scenes.

What can excite you can also distract you, the most successful people use their time wisely, do your best to be constructive. Here are some keys to remember as you create your own imagination of yourself. You will only get to understand if you walk your path so stay focused and be observant. When it feels like the sun no longer rises and sets within your heart remember that you need to eliminate negative thoughts and influences so you can live free and live well.

Do not let your happiness stop you from arriving to your goal, your happiness rests within yourself and your relationship with those around you at the moment.

Being wise is to see from above, through the eyes and ears of all. So let go of that which hurts your soul and create your own dream. Get rid of the negative in order to live free.

By Wil Stewart