New York City = Creativity, Adventure and Magic

By Angie Olivo .

This is not your usual travel article… There are life lessons, lots of pictures and a little bit about my story. (15 mins read)

Wall Street, Manhattan. New York City.
“Skyscraper Bliss”-  Wall Street, New York City. June 2, 2019

New York city it is indeed. I remember 8 years ago, I wanted to be an actress and comedian. I dreamed I would be discovered in New York City, so I worked and saved for a whole year and then moved to New York and took courses at the New York Film Academy.

Back then I was still lost as to what I really wanted to do with my life. Before that I was in marketing but it wasn’t the kind of marketing I wanted. So as soon as that chapter was done. I moved to New York. 

“We shall rise” On the Brooklyn Bridge, looking at the Manhattan bridge and the Empire State building. June 3, 2019.

Science has always been my backbone since I took my first biology class in primary school. I was the only kid super excited about the process of photosynthesis, rocks and mitosis. I started reading more books on the subject (I’ve always been curious about how things work and how they acquire their energy… Thankful for my mom whom highly encouraged me to read at a younger age )  I thought the process of oxygen and how our bodies work internally was magical. All the cells were like mini creatures super small but yet very alive and the best part, these mini creatures would keep us alive!  I always knew that rocks could tell stories if you really looked at them… Yeah, weren’t things simpler when we were kids? 

On the Brooklyn Bridge, love the little messages. Also, love the word awesome. It was magical that as I was shooting. It was just there 🙂 (happy thoughts) June 3, 2019

Especially when the teenage years hit and you are trying to find what makes you tick right? It’s not an easy process to find what you want to do in a consistent way, that keeps you productive, makes you happy and more importantly, you can earn a living from it. 

My advice: try everything you can until you find your way. 

“Do something”. Dumbo, Brooklyn. June 3, 2019

I wanted to be a dancer, a pilot, a chef , a painter, a psychologist… For each of these, I made sure I took a course or a drop in a class to try it. Obviously, now I’m not doing those things but I use what I learned from them. 

This store located in Soho, Manhattan was lovely and has an interesting name right?
June 2, 2019

“The magic hour” in Dumbo, Brooklyn. June 3, 2019

Now, I’m a single mother of two, who writes and creates content for a living and recently discovered that photography comes as naturally as breathing to me and I own a company where I can combine all those talents; and help others build their brand or find their inner talent. As well, I help my clients understand that “working hard” is a mindset that can eventually become insanity if your not careful. Remember, time is never wasted if you are searching for your purpose. Once you find it, go for it. But be mindful of how you get there. 

Everything is about balance.

Nature is all about balance. We function and do things better when we are balanced. In other words, creating a balanced lifestyle routine can keep your brain and body healthy. By doing so, you live longer does that not interest you? Do something for your body at least 2 times a week, whether it be reading or self-care (yourself, home and your planet), do something kind for someone else and say your “Thank yous” more often. You are living on a gigantic blue rock that spins for 23.93 hours at a speed of 1,000 miles per hour (1,064/km ) that rotates around another much bigger rock full of fire and that with just a small “pufff” of solar flare could make us all disappear. 

Love this and the store super awesome!
June 2, 2019

My point is you can be successful, but nobody says anything or does anything for you until you do. I’m not saying don’t work hard for what you want to accomplish, just do it smart. Personal growth is a process, not a marathon and it requires time and patience in order to find yourself. 

“Freedom”. When finally found parking at Dumbo, Brooklyn and everything seems magical. June 3, 2019

When I was in New York city this time around, I came to realize that my dream from 8 years ago was too small for all the opportunities that this city has to offer. Especially, for someone who makes a living from the arts & media universe. 

“Next, Reconnect”. 79th street, Manhattan, New York. June 2, 2019

I remember that with every audition, with getting the small parts or even none; learning my lines and perfecting my craft … I was getting good but I still wanted something more. 

At the time, I didn’t know what yet. I walked through the whole city until my sandals and feet would turn black from the dirty streets. Taking the subways and seeing rats eating each other! I Started to let go of my shyness (Harlem and Washington heights peeps, I owe you!) talking to people in different neighborhoods that’s when I understood one of my main core values was starting to resurface. 

Our new best friend”. This was in Soho Street on a Monday morning. June 3, 2019

The environment. I’ve always been an eco-warrior since I was a kid. I got into a lot of trouble trying to save the trees, my beautiful ocean and animals. That’s a story for another time 😉

However when I was in New York that’s when I realized I have a duty for my main mother; Earth. (A little music video to remind you 😉

Credits: Nasa

I went back home to Montreal, Canada and studied Environmental Science at Concordia. To make a long story short; I end up graduating with my second baby in my belly! Yep, I was that prego student going to class and giving presentations about climate change, action strategies, GSI projects, pipelines needing  higher tech and strategies that resulted in less spilling or find other sources of energy. Greener landscapes, greener cities and how to teach the population to live a more sustainable way. 

“The secret lover’s”. The lake in Central Park. June 4, 2019

 “Isn’t going to be hard for you to find a job in environment after you give birth?”  Yeah, got a lot of that but the good thing was I never give up and I didn’t pay attention to the negative people, because I had my own little happiness in my belly but also in my brain! I was already brainstorming the idea and planning the business development of WristersYep 🙂 

So that was a brief summary of what I’ve learned from the past. Now, here is what I learned recently going back again in June. 

“Summer’s Night Dream” Dumbo, Brooklyn June 3, 2019

This #storytelling made me realize that no matter where you go and what you end up doing in this lifetime, in the end what matters is what you do with your time, who you share it with, the support that comes from either family or friends and to love what you do. These are a few of the many things that makes life worthwhile.

I believe New York City truly is the land for all creative minds out there in this world. 

Love this company 🙂 @393nyc

The buildings, the museum, the people, the art, the music and especially the food! So, if your feeling lost, uninspired and confused as to what you want to do with your life, here is why you should visit New York City at least once. 

“Canon love”. Playing around with my first professional camera and gave her the name “Crystal”
Manhattan, New York. June 2, 2019

I know this is not a usual blog post (rare breed here), however I’m hoping that my pictures say more than words. I’ll tell you a little about them and if you enjoy them, go ahead like this post, leave me a comment or if you have any questions and share it with someone that might enjoy it too! 🙂 P.s: Tag me if you use the pics on your social media feeds 😉 IG: @a_aolivo and Facebook: AngieBlog. 

 I also hope this article sparks that inner light I believe we all possess within ourselves. -AO


The pictures I took of the buildings are a representation based on the location and the research I had done before arriving about C02 levels in the downtown New York area. If these buildings implement greener walls (plants surrounding the walls) or their windows, use Solar power on their roofs and create greener spaces there also, the city could start on the right path. Check out Alexandria Ocasio speech on trying to make the American people understand and to start taking climate change more seriously.

The goal is to start with one main city that would implement a lower carbon emission solutions as soon as possible, and then move onto other cities. This can also be an incentive for other towns and cities in the area, to take action as well. By starting with some of the major buildings and landscapes, it would also help reduce the strong smell in the mornings in some of the busiest cities in the USA. I believe that using their landscapes and turning them into greener and more sustainable areas, is a reasonable solution to start enticing citizens to also contribute and participate for a healthier and much cleaner city. 

“Can plants surround me too?” Wall street Manhattan, New York. June 2, 2019. 

More info:

“The wish”- Dumbo Brooklyn, New York. June 3, 2019. 

Thankful for a friend that recommended I check Dumbo, Brooklyn out :). I met amazing people and made legit photographer friends, who taught me about lighting and how they were trying to catch the right light through the wires of the bridge. What do you think? Did I catch it?

“Magic” Brooklyn Bridge. June 3, 2019

Yeah, that was super fun and challenging, but once I got the hang of it, it was awesome and my camera that day was so sweet to me. So here is our love for Dumbo, Brooklyn. 

Honestly, I think this is one of the best places to take your love for a weekend trip, hanging out by the water or eating in one of the restaurants, yep, super romantic!  😉

“True Music Happiness”
This was one of the restaurants near Jane’s carousel, her music called to me. I felt that I needed to capture what it truly means to do what you love and be happy. *If anyone recognizes her, tell her she’s a goddess and please forward her this picture. Thank you!

2. Central Park and the Museums 

Central Park is a magical place, especially, with all the museums surrounding this beautiful and gigantic park. There is so much history, moments, stories and movies (of course!) made there. There is live music and art all over! There are also areas where you can completely get lost in nature and just sit and read a book or write 🙂 

“What happiness looks like”, Mercedes Olivo Central Park June 4, 2019

The good deed; convincing my aunt to come out of her apartment for the first time in 4 years after losing her ability to walk. This was the impossible made possible. With a little bit of love and understanding I was able to show her that sometimes fear can be preventing us from really living. 

Even if things are dark or something feels totally wrong; there is always something to be happy or be grateful for. If you find it, use that feeling of happiness in every situation. She found that, I inspired her, and she decided to go out not only to prove to everyone she could, but mostly to prove herself that she can and she will live through this. 

“I can and I will live through this” -Mercedes Olivo
Central Park. June 4, 2019

4. Culture Identity = Diverse, Multicultural and Friendly but also tough people. 

Dumbo, Brooklyn, Manhattan Bridge

Walking around New York or any of its boroughs builds character. I never thought about having that “street smart mentality” especially since I used to live in Harlem. Yep, that’s where I used to live when I was living in New York, alone. It’s not as intimidating as the world makes out to be, but yes, you have to be careful and not walk around with a 10,000 dollar watch or any jewellery. But there is a lot of street wall art and if you are lucky enough (in the early mornings), you can take pictures. I wouldn’t recommend to pass by Harlem area or The Bronx for (wall graffiti) after midday.  

Multiculturalism is everywhere in the world, but it takes a serious New Yorker to embrace the culture with its mannerisms, speak english like it’s nobody’s business and tough people with a little bit of sweetness. Just like their coffee. Which by the way, almost every coffee shop (except starbucks) has the best coffee! 

China Town – cheap shopping. 

This place never changes. However, if you’re into shopping cheap while you’re in the city this is one of the areas. But keep in mind, if these pictures made you cringe… well imagine being there. 

5. Subways and Buses

The best people are on subways and buses. Honestly, the greatest conversations I had was with people on the bus, I was going from the Jamaica area in Long Island to Manhattan. They told me about this college and how the area is not as safe or as clean as they would have wanted to be…

“The Jamaica Dream”. Jamaica Avenue, Queens, New York. June 2, 2019.

6. The food! 

“Squares” Broadway Street, Manhattan, New York, June 2, 2019

You’ll find some of the best foods and restaurants, some are expensive (just like in any city) but some are amazingly cheap and delicious. 

“I’m awesome” Food Truck Near the Natural History Museum. He really is awesome go check him out!

This food truck man made me the best vegetarian gyro and thought I was crazy for asking him a “greek” plate with no meat. Hey! A girl’s gotta eat and the food is much better without meat if you know how to play with the ingredients and vegetables.

My point is, New York, Dumbo Brooklyn, 79th street and Soho & Prince street have amazing restaurants that are affordable. In Washington heights (American Dominicans), you’ll find typical Latin food. Yumm! Felt like I was in Dominican all over again. I definitely recommend to check out this area and the food 🙂 

That’s it! I Hope you decide to visit New York and if you do, leave me a comment of the places you went or if you enjoy the places I’ve mentioned here. 

“The green lady” Statue of Liberty from Brooklyn Bridge. June 3, 2019

Hope you have an amazing travel experience, keep it real and authentic and enjoy every minute of it! 

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