Symbol of Love

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By Ebohon Idonije

As beautiful as you are, the morning takes shelter in your heart and the nights seek your adorable face. Placed here on earth to represent the symbol of LOVE, you were created by forces beyond your wildest imagination. Easier said than done, but great and remarkable is a brother or sister who remains on the path to positive achievement. 

Remember; to help is to put smiles on the faces of others, to love is to be there in times of need, to care is to be always prepared and to share is to see yourself in others. These qualities are often rare but as humans we are equipped with the blueprint to becoming the very best we can be.

Be sure to surround yourself with people who see and treasure you for who you are; your vision, your freedom and your individuality. Those who appreciate the simple things in life are some of the best people.

As an individual it is important to become whole and complete because you can only truly give yourself to others when you are of sound mind. Creation knows no boundaries, impact your environment by leaving your wise signature in the hearts and minds of the next generation.

Be honest and accepting with yourself, knowing and appreciating what you have gives you the power to affect your surroundings. Always evolve in your ways of thinking, your ways of reasoning and attain new levels of well being.

Sayings from African kingdom: Each night before bed, reflect on your fears, worries, strengths and reclaim your day and good deeds. You can teach your mind to seek the positive. Your mind is like a child, it needs to be nurtured and directed. First, you must harmonize your yin and yang to become whole. Then you must educate your mind, learn to understand information that you receive from others. Lastly, it needs room to strive to be able create a healthy environment that promotes growth.

There is time to work and there is time to relax and have fun. Taking a leap of faith simply means turning your passion into work. In doing so, you will come to understand that you possess the power to create your own reality; be brave, be good, be humble and be caring.

Your energy is the key this week. Focus on your soul, then your mind and finally your body. Like money, you should learn how to budget your energy to live well and free.

Happy Canada day!

By Dawid Zawila

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