By Ebohon Idonije

Dance with me as I play tunes that nourish your body. Sing with me as I tell you of  brighter days ahead. Listen as I convey to you the mysteries of our time. And embrace change and fear not the unknown.

All of nature is made perfect, a miracle.  Listen and learn to better understand, believe that your season to become who you’re supposed to be has finally come, that thick dark cloud around you will now give way for your sun to shine through. Constructive thoughts systematically laid out within your mind’s frame promote the power of love. Learn to show yourself love because you were born with your own solution, keep your fire burning.

The New Anthem: Songs of praise and empowerment. I will, I can, I was born to achieve and to enjoy the finest that life has to offer.

A message from the moon: You moved far away from me against my wish. I have cried and lost appetite for any kind of dish. When I rise up in full, the sound of my voice echoes your name, your face carved within my heart’s frame. To me you are more precious than fame. My love for you remains forever the same. Live free, live well.

To continuously think of your needs and your wants prevents you from actually manifesting your vision. There are always missions that will lead you to your vision. As you commence on your path, allow true love for all to be your guide. This will initially shake your foundation but will eventually break you free from all that is negative, and finally will bring you to your reward (if you remain focused).

Just like when intense heat is applied to crystallized carbon, you will turn into a gem.

When you receive your gift make sure to keep an open hand towards those in need. Know that miracles only happen where great minds connect.
For this week, Moms, dads, brothers, sisters and friends, do not focus entirely on how you feel it should be, but rather believe in yourself to rise up and show up. Focus on the beauty found within your family and your relationships. Simply having your loved ones alive is a big treat, a chance to celebrate. Use your mind to understand your differences and learn to respect boundaries.

Food for thought: Imagine your thoughts as your grains and your mind as your farm land, what thoughts will you now sow, what thoughts do you intend to harvest? Wise, understanding, and patient farmers you need to be if you intend to harvest in great folds; lean towards nature.

Rise up and shine and enjoy a great week.

by Adele Payman