24 Hours of Reality: Countdown to the Future- Climate Change + Environmental & Social Justice

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Saturday 10/10/20 4:30 pm Live on YouTube.

We are at an inflection point. An unprecedented series of challenges — a global pandemic, climate crisis, racial injustice, and deep inequities — have transformed everyday life and created a once-in-a-generation opportunity for change that we cannot squander. A major global reckoning #Blacklivesmatter has open the pandora box (you know the one the oppressors, white supremacist and racist systems designed to benefit only the white race) on racial justice have forced us to rethink normal and created a new world of possibilities. Now it’s time to ask ourselves one simple question. What is the future we want?

From October 10–11, former Vice President Al Gore and The Climate Reality Project will do just that with 24 Hours of Reality: Countdown to the Future , a global conversation on the future we want and how we get there, held in partnership with TED Countdown. For 24 straight hours, Vice President Gore and Climate Reality Leader activists across the planet will lead digital presentations and discussions exploring the historic conjunction of climate change, COVID-19, and structural racism that not only threatens our lives and deepest values, but opens the door to truly transformative change.

Countdown to the Future will highlight how our current challenges open the door for collective and unify change and how — with a just green recovery — we can not only halt rising temperatures, but also build a truly equitable and sustainable tomorrow for all. 

For audiences everywhere, beginning at 4 PM ET on October 10. Countdown to the Future is a chance to learn what the climate and justice crisis means for their lives and what they can do to help seize this moment and create the future we want.

The kind of global action required to address the climate crisis must involve all of us, and it requires communities everywhere to recognize the urgent need for change, even if the conversation is happening online. By helping to lead this global conversation, you truly are fighting as if your world depends on it — and everyone here are grateful for you to come join us, share this article and our links to join us on Youtube live. Let’s begin our sustainable journey together. We don’t need to do this alone, and we shouldn’t. We are in this together for real. 7 years is not enough time right? Let’s fight for our future and for our future generations. Be part of this journey and take the first step, to action for a better, just and sustainable future we want for all of us.

My presentation will be based on my experience as a founder and creative artist Womenx, Latina, Single Mother of two daughters and Environmental Scientist activist of social justice. Trying to survive this pandemic while also continue to influence youth, empower women and men, amplified melanin voices through my creative work alongside my team. Plus live through systemic racism and white supremacist in my province Quebec, Montreal on a regular basis. It’s a lot, for our mental health. However, resilience run through my veins as my ancestors are Indigenous (Tainos), Haitian, Dominican, African and Spanish descend. I’ve been teaching others how to regain their power back. As I have started the journey of dismantling this old system 4 years ago and this year, decolonizing my mind so then I can show others how to do it too.

I’m here to not only to start a conversation about climate change and solutions which my team and I started long time ago and still going. About more action should be priority in terms of sustainability strategies, greener spaces, climate change education more in schools, change of policies, mental health , using creativity through adversity and the need to dismantle racism plus white supremacy that thrives in this city and Canada. Which these are deadly for BIPOC and POC during a world pandemic. In other words, climate justice is social justice.

Remember by attending a presentation, you will receive a localized action to take following my presentation, as well as a tree planted on your behalf through Climate Reality’s partnership with One Tree Planted.

Stay safe, wear your masks and remember to be kind to your planet, to you and others every day. Because we all depend on it now.

Thank you for joining us! Here is the climate hub link so you let me know and the climate reality team you’ll be joining.

Thank you for your support!

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WHEN: Saturday 10/10/20 4:30pm (Montreal, Canada)

WHERE: https://realityhub.climaterealityproject.org/events/item/359/54649 (don’t forget to let them know you will be joining so a tree gets planted for your presence<3)

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