CBC Radio on More Awareness About Alzheimer’s & Dementia Disease

Date on Radio 22/1/2018

Thank you Stephen for speaking up about those struggling with Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease today, on CBC radio.  

I really wanted to tell you that my mother admired you for your courage and thank you for letting her know, that is okay to be this new person and embrace herself. And to not let herself get down because of this disease. That’s why I called. However, I got so nervous and my mom was so giggling next to me. Anyways, Stephen if you get to read this, my mother and I appreciated your courage today.

The Emission today was about Alzheimer’s symptoms and recent studies, how people suffering from the disease are perceived by others, how to deal and families coping mechanisms.

This was very enlighten, and interesting story for my mom and I to hear today. Me and my mother were doing some exercise when my husband called to listen to the radio. So i’m glad we did.

“Angie, from Montreal” was me, my mother’s eldest daughter. I called the radio not only for my mom who presently suffers at a young age (early-onset Alzheimer’s) and progressing. But also, because I saw how happy she felt to feel that she’s not alone in all of this. She was diagnosed 3 years ago as well, like Steve.

We love when they ask Steve: “What’s your message you want to tell the audience today? Out of this experience, what you want to tell others that you expect of them? He said: ” I want them to treat me the same… I want to be treated with dignity and respect. Just because I forget that doesn’t mean I don’t know when people are speaking about me behind my back. I know, they know I’m different. But, having Alzheimer’s doesn’t mean is the end. It’s just another part, or level in my life. The disease shouldn’t put us down; on the contrary we should embrace and rise because of it.” 

When my mother’s heard this, (I translated in Spanish) her face light up. Out of the three languages that my mother used to know and speak. Only her first language, Spanish remains.  She suffers with heavy anxiety attacks and intense depression episodes within minutes. Then, after 20 or 30 minutes is back to being okay again. This we have come to see it as the “Gap”, which it happens midday. Then, real sundown starts at around 4pm. Which is the same reaction as the “Gap” only the wave stays for longer periods of time. Her antidotes so far has being her medication to slow down the disease, anxiety pills (low doses) and her husband (her caregiver).

It was very helpful that the Doctor, neurologist was there to explaining in more detail what its going on in the brain activity. As well, he mentioned the recent studies and where they are in terms of finding the cause of Alzheimer’s disease. Plaques and Tangles are found in many research papers I’ve been researching too, however, nothing is proven to be completely accurate yet.  

Thank you Shawn Apel for having us and CBC Radio  for making more awareness about Alzheimer’s disease and supporting the community and its Caregivers 😉

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Angie Olivo