Baked Potato’s, Broccoli, Carrots & Chicken with General Tao Sauce

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     We know its not the conventional way to cook General Tao. We don’t mean to disrespect or intent to offend any culture by this post. On the contrary, we are embracing multi-cultural traditions and creating something out-of-the norm. We are encouraging you to do the same!
Please note: #eatyep is a place, where you will find food recipes done the “traditional way” but we are not the usual kind of humans. In other words, we will add random recipes posts or new inventions created by us or those who will like their content to be featured here. (Send email for more info)
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For this meal today, in order to be super duper delicious, You’ll need:


1. Chicken thighs
2. ? rice
3. carrots
4. Avocados
5. Green onions
6. Four garlics hooves
7. One onion
8. Broccoli
9. General Tao @vhsauces
8. Seasoning: Olive oil, Lemon juice, black peppers, all purpose seasoning, herbs de Provence, cilantro and oregano herbs.


STEP1: Casserole Delight

▪️ Cut the chicken thigh into small parts, season and add into baking casserole with a bit of olive oil.

▪️ Cut the Broccoli, carrots and potatoes into small portions, then add inside the casserole.

▪️Smash the four Garlic and turn it into a paste and add into the baking pan.

▪️ Season with cilantro and oregano herbs.

▪️Turn oven to 400c and add casserole for 20 mins.

▪️Then add the General Tao sauce, and leave  for 20 mins!



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