Frenzr Networking Event “Let’s Connect!”

Written and photographed by Angie Olivo

Creative Courage Month – Mariella Katz Founder of Frenzr

Mariella Katz

In the world of social media marketing and developing strategies to build personal business brands finding the best is what a lot of business owners desire now days, especially, for those starting a new business or those wanting to expand into a more social media marketing and digital approach. Or maybe you just want to improve your personal development skills and keep working towards expanding your horizons with your side hustle job and personal goals. When it comes to our little Island of Montreal and the city of Quebec, one of the agencies that I would highly recommend is Frenzr.

Mariella has been building her business, clientele and her followers with much love, consistency and integrity. Shes loves to share her favorite local businesses and is strategic in her social media use. Her events and workshops are amazing and I highly recommend her to our clients.

As someone who is just starting and/or needs more sales, leads or drive traffic into their existent business or social media accounts but doesn’t want to drown in marketing spending cost, it would be important to reduce the costs associated to “traditional marketing”. The power of social media and digital/online media services, is that it solves the issues for a lot of entrepreneurs, local /online business owners and start-ups.

Social media and content marketing strategies save a lot of time, energy and spending costs (social media is free!), but you need the right tools, guidance and mentors that have experience to teach you the ropes. Finding the right mentor can make all the difference, they can help you target the right audience, reach your ideal customers, make sure your content creation has purpose and your vision is clear.

Here on WritersYep we have discovered a new way through our partners to better leverage those with the talent for being powerhouse influencers and living your own truth. #yourstorymatters More details later 😉

I believe that with the right connections and collaborations with the right key people is what allows us to be drawn to similar mindsets and energy that you put out for the world to see.

The people you meet at networking events can not only be potential to create good business relations but also to see what others are doing differently and gain inspiration from them.

Seeing others embracing their individuality and sharing their experiences and just enjoying other people’s company can also inspire you to help provide a solution to their problems or just talk and share your story. (Well not one way conversations if you know what I mean… There are those that never get tired of talking about themselves… which in that case, if you don’t like runner mouths, you can gracefully exit the convo ;)) 

My advise, learn to know when to talk but also when to listen. People want to talk about themselves, yes, but you are also there to hear what the other person has to say and learn from it.

Remember your experiences can help guide their journey in a positive and collective way. Don’t pressure people to do or engage in your ways, if they like your vibes and your energy they will stick around and definitely feel that they can be included, supported and encouraged by you. And as a result, they will do the same for you. Remember, not everyone will be open, some are just passing by and others are too “busy” to keep in touch or follow up with you.

But that’s okay, everyone has their own light and journey to follow and yours may not be included in theirs. Do not give there are many networking events and 7.2 billion people on this planet. No biggie, it’s a process and a constant learning experience, not a marathon ;). Besides, the people that are meant to be with you and surround you will stay, I promise 🙂

The people that you encounter at Frenzr networking events are a loyal network of a respected agencies and its founder. Mariella is constantly embracing the simple things and when it gets hard, she is realistic but consistently authentic and is always there if you need her. Delivery, is one of her agency best qualities (best goodie bags every network event! and amazing local sponsors). I can’t wait for my clients to have this experience! If you need a good social media workshop, learn from the “Queen” of Social media herself, a real girlboss and her beautiful and talented team. I would highly recommend reaching out my girl Mariella<3. 

I love that she always encourages you to be your best. This is one of the qualities you should look for when meeting new people. Once you find these people, watch them work hard, support their businesses and attend their events because magical things will happen. You never know who you might meet or learn from.

At this event, I learned that diversity and simplicity exist you just have to let go of your conception of perfection and just be yourself. As I was taking pictures (after I talked to people of course) and a glass or two of wine :p watching them laugh or complimenting them, I noticed that their authenticity was one of the beautiful things about them. For me it was awesome to see and it was incredible to capture th joy of them just being themselves and letting go a little.

All these amazing and talented individuals are real entrepreneurs; some influencers, some content creators and some small local business owners. Networking allows you to connect with a variety of different people and discover what services they offer or where they’re heading next on their business journey or career path. It’s still hard work and they are there putting the time in order to advance in their lives and that takes courage. What’s great is that this agency provides inclusive and positive vibes, a “Let’s Connect” space and I was honoured to be part of it and capture their happy moments.

Did you know that networking is a talent? Yep, it’s also an art of self worth which is something we as humans are constantly battling within ourselves everyday, especially, when you have to stay as authentic in person as you are on social media.

Networking is a skill you have to master, and the only way to get good at it, it’s by doing it a lot! Yep, the more networking events, social gatherings, charities and conventions you attend, the better you become at acquiring your own authentic leads or organic followers. I mean social media marketing can get you connected with all kinds of people around the world. However, by doing what I’ve mentioned before, you build your own customer loyalty base for either your business or personal brand. 

Mariella is also a mentor and educator. The first time I took her class, it was about how to work with influencers and how influence marketing can be done properly. I was so thankful for her creating this workshop, it helped me find key people and encouraged me to keep working with them in the near future. She also, helped my business partner Michelle, she took a content creation workshop. This helped her navigate the basics and ins & outs of social media managing for her personal account. She recently switched to focus on her business and just did her first launch! It was a success and she’s really happy that she got the right mentors and now she’s building her network the right way by acquiring the important connections and learning constantly.

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These workshops that Mariella’s team and her prepare are announced on her social media page and @Frenzr. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

I’m really glad I took the time to go (my 4th Frenzr event attending) and be able to share my experience with my friends and business partners! Hope you enjoy their next event and leave us a comment on how the experience was for you 🙂

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They are social peeps and they really love to connect <3

Happy Networking! 🙂

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