Global Climate Strike 20th-27th of Sept. 2019, was it in order to impact others to make changes or just following a social media trend?

Written and Photography by Angie Olivoestimated read 10 mins.

Climate Strike Montreal, 27 September, 2019.

On the 27th of September, 2019 – People from around the world came out of school, work and other engagements to strike for our climate and for our future, but did they though? Here are the stats:

World Partial list:

1.4 M – Germany

1M – Italy

750,000+ – Canada

500,000 – US

350,000 – Australia

350,000 – UK

195,000 – France

170,000 – New Zealand

Partial Canada

80,000+ – Vancouver

20,000+ – Victoria

500,000 -Montreal

10,000 – Halifax

4,000 – Edmonton

10,000 – Winnipeg

10,000 – 20,000 – Ottawa

50,000 – 75,000 – Toronto

Nevertheless, Thunberg in Montreal said the protesters should be proud of themselves. – Global News

This is not your usual blog post and yes, it’s the truth that you won’t find in the news or newspapers, because it comes from a real source who was there for 4 hours and stayed afterwards. So if you are expecting a post that gives you pretty words and gives you pretty pictures (okay some are pretty) … you are reading the wrong blog. 

Today’s blog post is a Yepping. (Yepping, for WritersYep means that you can say, write and post your real story #yourstorymatters, in a safe and mindful community that values your creative expression, life lessons and encourages you to be your authentic self. No BS here.) This is my second yepping, if you want to read my first here

As an environmental scientist and advocate for the Earth, the 20th – 27th of September were crucial days. Not only to create awareness and let our voices be heard in a peaceful and safe manner, but also for education, understanding and finding solutions together. As a photographer and writer, I knew that content marketing and following the trend was the key to bringing more awareness. As a social media single mom influencer, I was hit with the realization half way through the strike, that most of the 500,000 people in Montreal were on social media posting, embracing their signs as much as they could in front of cameras and not really giving a crap about the environment. Why did I know that? Well, because as soon as Greta’s speech was done, most ran to the nearest dep or corner store, bought huge plastic water bottles, cans of beer and chips… while posting on social media “Climate strike” or “Friday For Future”. Then, after doing the social “trend” left their litter on the street…Yeah, climate strike.

I knew 3 years ago when I started WritersYep “Inspiring Sustainability by Creating Content with Purpose” that it was going to take a while to change the mindset of a lot of people. Especially the older generations still living in the old industrial revolution trend. These were prediction I foresaw when I graduated fours years ago; as long as the people have a person or leader that acts more and talks less they are satisfied, because the other option of killing all the owners of the oil companies or plastic polluters was just not a sane solution right? Then, pictures of Greta Thunberg sitting in the street by herself appeared. This became our mission and vision to help others with not much of a voice, just like we created a media space in order for our real stories to be shared and inspire others as well. 

A year and a couple months ago…

In other words, I also learned through this entrepreneur journey, that I can’t change peoples behaviour or the way they have been raised, that’s impossible. At the end of the day, people will do what’s best and convenient for them. Meanwhile, I also knew that people can learn to adapt to different conditions or environment depending on their ecosystem. (Our system was created, is still managed and controlled by our government).  I mean, that’s how we as a species on this planet, have been able to survive since the last glaciation ended about 12,500 years ago. We didn’t have a government established back then, but I’m sure there were leaders that implemented what they thought was right at the time. 

However, as time passed and we evolved, we became more aware that certain behaviours could not go on forward right? Ex: Slavery, genocide, and basic human sanitary practices, etc. We know now that our consumption, our waste management and our lifestyles have to change in order to reduce the impact on our planet. Climate change is faster now than ever before.  

When I was developing my startup and doing market research, I came to the conclusion that as long as humans are shown what to do or follow the “trends”, than most will be easy influenced as long as the right leader (person or community or country) shows them. The “righteous” religion or “the right market driven” or “good for business” or “my idol is doing and saying” then that’s what the majority of the population on this planet will do. Since 2000, the internet and social media has helped us immensely keep up with the “trends” that the companies, celebrities and influencers love so much. So now, it’s cool to be eco-friendly or live sustainably or be vegan or vegetarian. However, it wasn’t until very recently that we were seen as “tree huggers”, if we ever brought up climate change or global warming or we are ecologically conscious and shared our concerns…

To the younger generations, non-profit organizations and other agencies who have focused on the environment and sustainable lifestyles for a while now, I say thank you. To those agencies and influencers who are just posting to keep up with the “trends”, but on any other day you don’t give a crap, now it’s me repeating Greta’s first words from the UN climate summit “HOW DARE YOU?”

If you were posting in order for your own community to learn something and not in order for you to get more likes, comments and share for your own personal gain, then I hope you are constantly showing you care and not just on one particular day. I hope you use your influence for good, and show them how it’s done. If this day was just like any other concert, fashion week or “hype” day for you, than you are part of the problem instead be part of the solution. We have enough with our climate changing so rapidly and finding solutions to keep our remaining resources! 

Thank you for those who have been striking for the past 2 years. We see you, thank you for not giving up and just like Greta said:  

“The people have spoken. And we will continue to speak until our leaders listen and act. We are the change and change is coming.” –Global News

Change is definitely coming but it won’t if we are not the first to start changing. 

I’m not going to lie, I felt really disgusted and so disappointed after the strike. Not only did we walk for 4 hours but when we finally got to our destination we didn’t really seen much of Greta, most could barely hear her. I know it was going to be on TV and posted on social media but that was the whole point right? 

Yep, I got hit real good with the realization, that it was a good day for social media marketing (those looking to increase their following and for others to “think” you give a s%^$ about our planet), for politicians to look really good (we are in the middle of election campaigns in Canada) and briefly I can estimate that 10% stayed behind afterwards to pick up the SIGNS (some decided that it was fun to leave their signs all over the streets and play go-cars with the recycling bins), plastic bottles and garbage. For the Monks and Hindus that stayed to talk and clean up, we appreciate you, please keep teaching others about living more mindfully and less CLUTTERED! Obviously in real life is a different story right? In the cyber universe, we can say, share and post whatever we want and people will believe it right? Who cares?

I’m happy fashion industries and other major corporations are starting to change. Here are 10 companies that still have not changed their ways but due to the demand their products are still thriving.

  1. Coca-Cola
  2. PepsiCo
  3. Nestlé
  4. Danone
  5. Mondelez International
  6. Procter & Gamble
  7. Unilever
  8. Perfetti van Melle
  9. Mars Incorporated
  10. Colgate-Palmolive

Source: Here

So if you want to make a real change, these are the ones you should stop consuming. I’m not perfect either, but the more aware I become of my spending, the more I know I have the power to choose. And so do you! That’s the only way we can all make a difference, if we stop giving these rich and greedy corporations that only care about their bank accounts getting bigger with our consumption. They don’t care about your health or the planet’s health. Just imagine what all the collective power consumers can do. 

I’m really happy in the number of people who came out and showed their support, but lets be realistic, it’s great that you did, but if you’re not changing your consumption habits, s becoming more eco-conscious and being smart about investing in companies or changing your shopping habits and choosing organizations that are implementing sustainable practices for delivering their goods and services, then we are still in the same spot we were before. 

It is my job an environmentalist graduate, especially when I was hired to edit and write scientific data reports or environmental assessment for companies, who were not following policies but because they have money and contribute to our economy… well, those papers would never see the light. 

Especially, when I was obligated to sign a non-disclosure agreement and as soon as I did, though, I left those fake and greedy companies. You’ll be surprised that it’s not all our fault… the system also contributes to this mess of climate change and global warming. This is why I think a lot of scientists and climate warriors either quit, or turn to different careers that pay better and where they get to keep their integrity, maybe some even join Greenpeace or move to countries were their work is valued and appreciate and not paid to keep quiet. That’s why me and other scientists decided to do our own thing and make our voices heard here and on social media.

Here are ways you can start for real. Not for the Gram, not to get recognition or to be on TV. Do this for yourselves and for all of us to live in a better and healthier planet than yesterday. Do it also in order to be the example, and teach other family members or others in your own communities. 

Here are other educational sites you can visit to learn and expand your horizons. Trust me, at this point we need to be more informed, aware and be ready for anything. 

Climate basics: 

Myths vs  facts: 

Climate change fear, denial:…

Fridays for Future (every Friday)

Get connected, get involved!

Climate Change & Environmental Organizations

I’m curious, what did the climate strike mean to you and why did you go out? Be honest with me. I’ve done my best to be transparent and honest for the past 3-4 years about this on my IG a_aolivo, but also in my writing.

This community was created in order to educate, mentor/ coach in writing and business personal development, to share our real stories and raise awareness about our ecological impact on this planet. We offer online media, green marketing and branding practices for other businesses who want to change and make an impact. Our printing options are highly recommended to new authors and to eco-publish books. I’ll be honest too, some of the products in our shop (in the final phase of pre-launch) are eco-friendly and some are not.

The reason is because Market America has a software system called “shopping annuity” which is mathematically proven to be the sustainable way of shopping in the future. We know from facts and can guarantee that the products are the best in the market, scientifically proven, natural, organic and their system is sustainable. In order words, out of 1 wrong, there were more rights and room for improvement. The company has been running for 27 years, and they have learned to evolve and change accordingly. On of the reasons we partnered with them is for us to keep funding this operation and keep creating content for you. Since we started with, I’ve been able to convert my expenses into earnings, that’s how I’m able at the moment, with the help of my business partners to fund this creative media space. If you want to learn how this sponsorship/partnership works check it out here and if you have more questions reach us: 

I know most of the battle for climate change, global warming, clean energy and sustainability has been an ongoing process and struggle. These are new words to some of you, but for those who have been studying climate patterns, these words are the end goal of a fight that we cannot win by ourselves. We knew that entering into a career to contribute to reducing our ecological footprint and educate others about it wasn’t going to be an easy task. Just like many things in this life, it takes courage to go against the masses, and for that Greta you’ll always be our beacon of courage and love.

Share this post with someone who needs to read more reality and less cyber universe. Do people talk anymore? Or is all we do on the gram first and than human interaction? But even that has become absolute… what do you think? Let me know below.

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