Gourmet ² Westmount Square- Tower 1

Written and photography by Angie Olivo .

On the 5th of September, we were delighted and super exited to experience and eat at the new re-opening of the Food Court of Westmount square!

This brand new food court space, at first you get the Modern chic style and as you go further, you feel the inviting, openness and all Inclusive vibe. Thanks to the team at Creccal Investments Ltd. is a privately owned, Montreal-based real estate investment company, in existence since 1977, with holdings in both the Quebec and Ontario markets.

Rica with Designer of the Food space 🙂

Rica Crecco is the lovely Vice President of Operations for Creccal investments Ltd. I had the pleasure to meet her and got to see her vision came true 🙂 She has over 30 years of property management experience. Also, Alessandra Crecco has been directly involved in Creccal’s Montreal operations for the past 25 years, overseeing the management of the residential and commercial assets located in Montreal. #Girlbosses to learn from and be inspired by.

This team is the example of excellence Teamwork! Amazing renovation and wonderful people for making this magic happen within 30 days!

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Another Team that I was happy to collaborate. Thank you ! @ellakatzz & @frenzr for the invite to the amazing Gourmet ² ✨🔥renovation!

I was really happy when I saw their waste management ♻️✅ 💚hopefully the restaurants will maintain #sustainablity Practises. #betheexample #wastefreebusinessgoal 🌎✊🏽

List of the 9 renovated restaurants !

Make sure you try them out and let us know in the comments how your experience was 😉 Which one you are trying first this week?

  • Sushi bar Kim
  • Café Double
  • Gourmet Taouk
  • Café Dafino’s
  • Atti Express
  • Thai Express
  • Subway
  • Café Westmount
  • Tavern on the Square

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Angie Olivo