The Message to the Lost tribe

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By Ebohon Omoarebun Idonije

Contrary to popular belief, it is not easy to be kind and common sense is no longer common.  To be kind means to be wise and to have a great deal of patience. With patience comes experience and knowledge, which in time leads to self confidence. Each in his or her own time must learn to trust themselves and as such, worry will be less present.

Your happiness resides in your awareness and appreciation of yourself. You can not give parts of yourself that you are not aware of. A loving relationship means more than to simply being able to relate, it is also the privilege of seeing, understanding and appreciating each other. Understanding and supporting each other as you move towards a unified desired direction is key.

Do not be afraid of facing your truth as it is essential to your growth, you will find the answers you need within yourself, you just have to be brave.

You must stop worrying about the future. Let your love for others be like the wind that blows away weeds from the seeds, like rain that nourishes the Earth, like the shell protecting the chick and the strength that pulls the weak to their feet.

Love is the key that opens all doors. Allow love to reside in your heart, speak through your lips, and see through your eyes.  Find confidence within, remember who you are and remember that you are worthy of love.

A message to the people of Nigeria and the people of South Africa, unite instead of killing one another.

For the next two week, focus on the fact that this life is not for eternity. Love and respect to our fathers and our mothers who made it possible for us to be here. Live free, live well.

By Mayur Gala

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