The Space Revolution

By Angie Olivo

We have joined forces with the Rocketry and Space Concordia to be our featured story for #scienceyep and promote their fundraising efforts. Their journey; the good and the bad and everything in between will be documented along the way right here!

Since the creation of Space Concordia, the team has taken home 5 titles from some of the best rocket competitions around the world. I thought this was facinating and noticed similarities with what my team and myself do here at WritersYep. Especially behind the scenes and getting lost in our own universe.

There are times where some of us wish we could get out of this world, chill in space and see the stars right above the Earth. Some of us have dreams but never find the courage to make our dreams a reality. And then you have the overachievers who take action and make things happen even if they know they might fail. But they never lose hope because chances are by the 1000th try, it’s bound to succeed.

Meeting this group of people is the perfect example! But It was also a revelation of what it took us to build, execute and consistently create an online media space where everyone is included and equal. No matter what your status is. If you work smart, are dedicated and can create consistently authentic work. That’s a sign of greatness. It deserves to be connected with the right people, respected and recognized.

Effort and reaching a goal bigger than yourself, takes a lot of work and that’s what we been seen on the Space Concordia department and the Rocketry team. Because they never give up, they know exactly where they are going to be next year and so are we. Yep, they are building the fastest rocket! And its destination? Outer space !

We are currently competing in the Base 11 Space Challenge, an intercollegiate challenge to develop a single-stage liquid fuel rocket to surpass the Karman line and get to space. If we are successful, we will be the first students to build a space-capable rocket, PLUS we will have built the most powerful amateur rocket motor in history! We are a small team, and we are all working very hard to achieve this goal. We plan to launch the suborbital rocket in early 2020, with testing beginning in May of this year. – Rocketry Team

Some of the members of the Rocketry Team
Montreal, Canada -June 16, 2019

On June 16th, 2019 – I had the honor and privilege of meeting personally the @sc.rocketry team. They are currently working on a presentation to showcase their amazing work, in the hope that they can raise money to keep the project going and get better equipment to make [Name to be announced] rocket to fly smoothly, fast and land safely back on Earth.

Let’s help them reach to the stars!

The Writer’s Yep team is excited to help them connect to the right people, especially since we are partnered recently with We are joining forces to promote and build more fundraising campaigns and continue documenting their story all the way until the big day, May 19th, 2020! #yourstorymatters

Stay tuned because this is just the beginning!

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