Velocity towards Victory

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By Ebohon Omoarebun Idonije

Just as you move junk emails from your inbox to the trash the same must be done with the negative energies in your life as well. Stay away from misunderstandings, and align yourself with acceptance and understanding. Wasting your time on nonsense will never allow you to move forward, your time, efforts and energy should be spent on something fulfilling.

Over the last couple of months you have read Forever Yours, Blueprint, Symbol of Love, and Walk Your Path; all of these have one thing in common and that is for you to realize your worth, boldness and your purpose. But they also help you realize that just as corporations go in search of natural resources to drain, there are people who also do the same to try and dim your light.

Learn from birds, how beautiful, bold and wise they are, but also how brave they are as they fly way up in the sky with little fear because they believe in themselves. 

Always pay close attention to those around you, as their energies influence yours, be wise in choosing your team. 

 Within your mind create a clear vision of the path that you want to walk. It goes without saying that your success also depends on your determination, organization, motivation, hard work, and your persistence. You will definitely excel if you have a good team, for no one can survive on their own.

Seek out those who continuously work on improving themselves, those who strive towards growth, these are the people that will help you reach your goals.

Follow that spark within yourself, you never know when it will turn into a STAR, always remember to trust yourself. When your foundation is properly set, your branches, leaves, and fruits will be rich, vibrant, and nourished.

For the next two weeks the slogan is, watch out for me and my team as we race towards VICTORY. Love and peace.

By Genessa Panainte

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